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MITPB16-48200 (51.2V/200Ah)

APPLICATIONS Lithium Iron Phosphate can be used in most applications that use Lead Acid, GEL or AGM type batteries. Suitable applications include: •Solar Storage •Switching applications and more •Base transceiver station •Communication equipments •Central office •Telecommunication systems •Electronic cash registers •Microprocessor based office machine •UPS


Category:Lead Acid Battery


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    · 4000 cycles @80% DoD for effectively lower total of ownership cost;

    · Low maintenance batteries with stable chemistry;

    · Battery Management System (BMS) is incorporated against abuse;

    · up to 6 months thanks to its extremely low self discharge (LSD) rate and no risk of sulphation;

    · Save time and increase productivity with less down time thanks to superior charge/discharge efficiency;

    · Suitable for use in a wider range of applications where ambient temperature is unusually high: up to +60°C;

    · Lithium batteries provide more Wh/Kg while also being up to 1/3 the weight of its SLA equivalent.



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