Beijing MITSCN Co., Ltd. is a technology solution provider specializing in solar photovoltaic power system, aim to providing the best solar power solutions for customers. Our products covered centralized, distributed, and household solar power systems, including photovoltaic modules, inverters, and battery storage systems, etc. We are main focus on international market, providing the best and most cost-effective solar power systems to customers all over the world.


As a solar power system solution provider, MITSCN not only provides high-quality products but also offers comprehensive technical support and solutions for customers. Our technical team including experienced engineers and professional technicians with well solar power technical knowledge and innovative thinking, allow to tailor a suitable solution for different customer needs. We work closely with customers, deeply understand their needs and issues, and provide various support such as pre-sales consultation, technical guidance, engineering design, on-site construction, and after-sales service to ensure the installation and operation of solar power systems working smoothly and safely. Meanwhile, we choose our partners with top-tier manufacturing enterprise in China, which have advanced technology and professional production experience, ensuring the quality and performance of our products and solution.


Beijing MITSCN Co., Ltd. provide products widely used in various fields, including residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Our products have character with high-efficiency, environmental friendly, reliability, and safety, and provide customers with stable and safety solar power solution. Indeed, MITSCN not only provide high-quality product and solution to our customers, but also offer professional pre-sales and after-sales services to ensure that our customer can get a better user experience and system maintenance.


The mission of MITSCN is to provide customer the most valuable solar power system solution and contribute to the sustainable environment development. We are committed to promoting the development and application of solar photovoltaic technology, to achieve energy transition and reducing carbon emission over the world. We will continue to innovate and provide better product and service to our customers, to get the prosperity and development of the solar power industry. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for our customer and contribute to their sustainable development.

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