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RS21-410_425MG (166-132 module with dual glass)

Complete System and IEC Product Certification IEC 61215(2016),IEC 61730(2016) ISO9001:2015:Quality Management System ISO14001:2015:Environment Management System ISO45001:2018:Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Category:PV - 166cell

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  • Product Description

  • Parameter

  • · Suitable for ground power plants and distributed projects
    · Advanced module technology delivers superior module efficiency
    ·Gallium-doped Wafer·Non destructive cutting ·MBB half-cut
    · Excellent power generation performance
    ·Excellent IAM and Weak light response ·Low temperature rating s
    ·0.45% linear Power decline
    · High module quality ensures long-term reliability
    ·Strict selected material ·Advanced technology ·Leading standard
    · Ultra-hydrophilic self-cleaning coating techniques
  • Electrical Characteristics STC

    RS21-410MG-E1 RS21-415MG-E1 RS21-420MG-E1 RS21-425MG-E1

    Maximum Power (Pmax)

    410W 415W 420W 425W

    Power Tolerance

    0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W 0~+5W

    Module Efficiency

    20.53% 20.78% 21.03% 21.28%

    Maximum Power Current (Imp)

    10.85A 10.92A 10.98A 11.05A

    Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)

    37.79V 38.00V 38.25V 38.46V

    Short Circuit Current (Isc)

    11.60A 11.66A 11.73A 11.79A

    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

    44.89V 45.21V 45.48V 45.79V

    Values at Standard Test Conditions STC(AM1.5, Irradiance 1000W/m², Cell Temperature 25°C)

    Electerical Characteristics NOCT

    RS21-410MG-E1 RS21-415MG-E1 RS21-420MG-E1 RS21-425MG-E1

    Maximum Power (Pmax)

    307.99W 311.75W 315.50W 319.26W

    Maximum Power Current (Imp)

    8.76A 8.82A 8.87A 8.93A

    Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp)

    35. 14V 35.34V 35.57V 35.77V

    Short Circuit Current (Isc)

    9.43A 9.48A 9.53A 9.58A

    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

    42.20V 42.50V 42.75V 43.04V

    NOCT, lrradiance of 800W/m², AM1.5, Ambient Temperature 20 °C, wind Speed 1m/s.


    Mechanical Characteristics        Characteristics
    Cell Type Monop-type,166×166(±1)mm,132(6×22)Half-Cut cells Temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.27%/°C
    Glass 2mm+ 2mm ,High Transmission,Low Iron,Tempered Glass Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.048%/°C
    Frame Anodized Aluminum Alloy Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.35%/°C
    Juction Box IP68 Rated, With Bypass Diodes Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45°C±2°C
    Dimension 1924x1038x30mm Remark:Electrical data in this catalog do not refer to a single module and they are not part of the offer.l hey only serve for comparison among ditterent module types.
    Output Cable 4 mm² (EU),300 mm,length can be customized
    Weight 24.5kg
    lnstallation Hole Location See Drawing Above


    Packing Information   Maximum Ratings
    Container 40' HQ Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C
    Pallets per Container 24 Maximum System Voltage 1500VDC
    Pieces per Container 864 Maximum Series Fuse Rating 20A



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